About Us


The History of Daikin

  • The company was founded in Osaka Japan 1924.
  • First multi-room air conditioning system created for residential use in Japan 1969.
  • Daikin Europe was established in Ostend, Belgium where production of air conditioning had begun 1973. 
  • Daikin invented and introduced world's first VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) system which saves energy by reducing Carbondioxide emissions, hence reducing Global Warming 1982.  
  • In addition to inventing the revolutionary VRV®  (Variable Refrigerant Volume) technology, Daikin has taken now its flagship product to new heights with innovations such as water-cooled VRV®WIII, Heat Recovery systems, systems for cold climates (VRV® III-C) and etc.
  • Daikin Europe N.V. is the sales and manufacturing headquarters for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. As a 100% subsidiary of Japan-listed Daikin Industries Ltd., its mission is to respond to the evolving requirements of its clients for indoor comfort and industrial process applications. 
  • Daikin Europe N.V. has a production site in Ostend, Belgium, which focuses on products for the commercial and industrial markets. 
  • Daikin Europe N.V. also has participating interest, together with Daikin Industries Ltd., in a production plan for residential products, established in the Czech Republic in 2004.


Versatile and Comfort Solution

A VRV® represents Daikin’s ultimate technology in climate comfort and energy efficiency for small to large-sized offices, hotels or other commercial facilities, providing year round heating and cooling with higher capacity, comfort and efficiency.



Daikin’s VRV® systems just circulate the required amount of refrigerant volume – hence the name ‘Variable Refrigerant Volume’ – different rooms can simultaneously enjoy different temperatures. Daikin’s inverter technology allows the system to adjust the power needed to actual requirements. This ensures maximum comfort (temperature fluctuations are minimized) and maximum efficiency (no unnecessary energy). Ultimately, this results in minimum operating costs!